Hanzipad BETA (hanzipad.com)

Hanzipad LogoHanzipad BETA is now online at http://hanzipad.com. Mandarin Chinese language students please give it a try in your Firefox or Chrome browser. Paste Hanzi into the text box and click Go.

Hanzipad annotates the Hanzi with the definition and tones and provides tools for managing words and readings. You can manage word tags from the My Words view. Click ‘Save this text’ to add the text to your My Texts list so it is available to read again.

Any features you’d like to see implemented, questions on usage or bugs seen please send em to me at foonugget@gmail.com or leave a comment here. Cheers. 🙂


New App Koren now Available

koren iconKoren is a simple offline Korean and English bi-directional dictionary.

Search for an exact word match by clicking the Exact button. To get all matches that contain a substring of English or Hangul click the Contains button. Click Each on a Hangul word to search of each hangul character in the word in isolation.

I will be improving this over the coming months. Check it out and please post any feedback here or in the play store.