New App Koren now Available

koren iconKoren is a simple offline Korean and English bi-directional dictionary.

Search for an exact word match by clicking the Exact button. To get all matches that contain a substring of English or Hangul click the Contains button. Click Each on a Hangul word to search of each hangul character in the word in isolation.

I will be improving this over the coming months. Check it out and please post any feedback here or in the play store.


2 Comments on “New App Koren now Available”

  1. Hugh Grigg says:

    Awesome man! There definitely needs to be more Korean resources out there. Where did you source the contents from?

    • foonugget says:

      hey Hugh! yeah i know especially offline useable dictionaries. this is why i built this.

      dictionaries are old stardict dictionaries sourced from here -> I’m using the ‘quick’ html format one for english to korean and the stardict format one for korean to english. they look to me very similar to what and use. especially the phrase examples (which Koren is not displaying yet … but will in the future). another difference is Koren is missing some modern words as well as the word “poo” as my friend pointed out.. 🙂 might look at merging in some missing words like this manually.

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