Thai Script passes 50000 installs

Congratulations Thai Script Android App for passing 50000 total installs! Giddyup!

Cheers to everyone who sent feedback and feature requests. Please keep em coming and check out the new Plus version if you havn’t already. It contains a bunch of new features and a new action bar UI.


Pocket Hangeul Demo Video

I’ve just added a demo video of Pocket Hangeul to the Play listing and YouTube.

You can check it out below:

Pocket Hangeul – Learn the Hangeul!

Pocket Hangeul

Pocket Hangeul is now available. This tool will let you master the Hangeul and kick start your Korean studies.

A complete catalog of consonant and vowel sounds with native Korean pronunciation is included. Phonetic transcription in the Korean Ministry of Culture and Tourism standardised form appears below each letter. Phonetic details can be toggled on/off to help memorising. Additionally select between the typefaces Dotum and Batang.

Use the Memoriser feature to drill and learn by using one or all of the modes of speaking, writing, reading and listening. Select one or more sets of Jamo (Hangeul symbols) to drill at a time.

The Pairs feature will help you distinguish between similar sounding sounds like ㄱ,ㄲ,ㅋ.

Head over to Google Play and check it out. I will be posting a demo video in the next couple of days.

Send me any queries, feedback, problems and feature requests to

Android app on Google Play

Thai Script Plus Released

Thai Script Plus Launcher IconAn improved version of the Thai Script app is now available in Google Play.

Improvements over the free version are:

  • Speaking Mode – record and compare
  • Consonant word meanings added
  • Consonant phonetic in Thai added
  • Consonant order corrected
  • NO Ads
  • Vowel component parts colored
  • Numbers 10, 11, 12, 20, 21, 22, etc.
  • Numbers 100, 1000, 10000, 100000, 1000000
  • Hide details on charts
  • Memoriser toolbar added
  • Action Bar navigation

Android app on Google Play

Check out the demo video below and download it from Google play here.

Any queries, problems or feedback please send to



New App Koren now Available

koren iconKoren is a simple offline Korean and English bi-directional dictionary.

Search for an exact word match by clicking the Exact button. To get all matches that contain a substring of English or Hangul click the Contains button. Click Each on a Hangul word to search of each hangul character in the word in isolation.

I will be improving this over the coming months. Check it out and please post any feedback here or in the play store.

Thai Script 1.5 Released

Version 1.5 of Thai Script is now in Google Play.

Download it here.

Changes are:

  • FIXED Nexus 7 and Jelly Bean set selection bug
  • Translated to Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Malaysian
  • Symbols now centered correctly on all Chart views
  • Replaced consonant chart radio selectors with styled buttons
  • Icon enlarged to match system standard size

Please review it in Google Play and send me any feedback at

Android app on Google Play

Thai Script 1.4 Released

Version 1.4 of Thai Script is now in Google Play.

Download it here.

Changes are:

  • localized for Japanese, Korean, Russian, French, Spanish
  • fixed Help screen on Ice Cream Sandwich

Please review it in Google Play and send me any feedback at

Android app on Google Play