Koren Open Sourced

I’ve just open sourced Koren to github https://github.com/chatch/Koren

I plan to make some enhancements over the next couple of months. These are on the issues list at https://github.com/chatch/Koren/issues

They include adding the phrase data to the results, keeping a history of lookups that can be exported or reinvoked and allowing words not in the dictionary to be searched for online.



New App Koren now Available

koren iconKoren is a simple offline Korean and English bi-directional dictionary.

Search for an exact word match by clicking the Exact button. To get all matches that contain a substring of English or Hangul click the Contains button. Click Each on a Hangul word to search of each hangul character in the word in isolation.

I will be improving this over the coming months. Check it out and please post any feedback here or in the play store.